Entity Framework 6.0 Introduction:

Welcome to Entity Framework 6 Tutorials section. Here, you will learn about the new features introduced in Entity Framework 6.0 with Visual Studio 2012.

Entity Framework 6.0 has introduced many new exciting features for Database-First (designer) and Code-First approaches.

Features for Database First (Designer) and Code-First Both:

  • Connection resiliency
  • Asynchronous query and save
  • Code-based configuration
  • Database command logging
  • Database command interception
  • Dependency Resolution
  • DbSet.AddRange/RemoveRange
  • Better Transaction Support
  • Pluggable pluralisation and singularization service
  • Testability improvements
  • Creating context with an open connection
  • Improved performance and warm-up time

Features for Code-First:

  • Custom conventions
  • Insert, update & delete stored procedures for entity CUD operation
  • Index attribute (EF 6.1)
  • Multiple context per database
  • Nested entity types
  • Custom migration operations
  • Configurable migration history table

Visit MSDN for detailed information on EF 6.x.

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