Entity Framework 6.0 Introduction:

Welcome to Entity Framework 6 database-first tutorials section. Here, you will learn how to use Entity Framework 6 with your existing database of your application. It starts from creating an Entity Data Model from your existing database and will show you how to save and query data using Entity Framework 6.x.

Entity Framework 6.0 has introduced many new exciting features for Database-First (designer) and Code-First approaches.

EF 6 Database-First and Code-First Features:

  • Creating Entity Data Model from your existing database
  • Querying data using LINQ
  • Saving data
  • Use existing stored procedures, views, and table-valued functions
  • CRUD operations using stored procedures
  • Optimistic concurrency & transactions support
  • Supports Spatial Data Types
  • Connection resiliency
  • Asynchronous query and save
  • Code-based configuration
  • Database command logging
  • Database command interception
  • Dependency Resolution
  • DbSet.AddRange/RemoveRange
  • Better Transaction Support
  • Pluggable pluralisation and singularization service
  • Testability improvements
  • Creating context with an open connection
  • Improved performance and warm-up time

Visit MSDN for detailed information on EF 6.x.

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